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Simply follow these steps to become a Millionaire Travel Secrets Affiliate and earn 60% commissions on each sale you refer!

1. Sign Up With Clickbank

First, sign-up with Clickbank, our affiliate marketplace partner. It's fast and free to sign up. Fill in the form, and create your unique affiliate ID. Simple.

2. Create An Affiliate Link

Once your Clickbank ID is approved, your next step is to create your unique affiliate link. It will look something like this - - where you replace xxxx with your Clickbank ID. For example, if your Clickbank ID is myaffcode your affiliate link will be

3. Add Affiliate Link to Your Website, Newsletters, etc

Add this link in a prominent position on your website, email newsletter, etc. It's simply a link (containing with your unique affiliate ID) which will lead users to the Millionaire Travel Secrets website, and lets us know when you refer a new sale!

4. Promote Millionaire Travel Secrets to your web site visitors, email list, etc

Tell others about Millionaire Travel Secrets through your web site, email list, social media contacts, etc. Invite them to click your affliliate link to learn more about Millionaire Travel Secrets and make a purchase. 

Visit our Affiliate Banners web page, for banners you can use on your website, and email text you can use to send via email to your newsletter subscribers.

5. Earn Commissions

When a visitor clicks your affiliate link, it will remain active for each visitor for up to 90 days. You will earn a commission when this visitor makes a purchase for up to 90 days after clicking your link.

All affiliate commissions are paid through Clickbank!


Affiliates! If you have questions about promoting Millionaire Travel Secrets, don't hesitate to get in touch at (313) 879-4317.


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